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<i>A Companion to Feminist Geography</i> captures the breadth and diversity of this vibrant and substantive field.<br /><ul><li style="list-style: none"><br /></li><li>Shows how feminist geography has changed the landscape of geographical inquiry and knowledge since the 1970s.<br /></li><li>Explores the diverse literatures that comprise feminist geography today.<br /></li><li>Showcases cutting-edge research by feminist geographers.<br /></li><li>Charts emerging areas of scholarship, such as the body and the nation.<br /></li><li>Contributions from 50 leading international scholars in the field.</li><li style="list-style: none"><br /></li><li>Each chapter can be read for its own distinctive contribution.</li></ul>


Lise Nelson is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Oregon, where she teaches courses on globalization, politics, and gender in Latin America and the United States. She is currently completing a book,Women Defending the Plaza: Gender, Citizenship and the Politics of Place.
Joni Seager is Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto. She is the co-founder of a feminist environmental NGO, the Committee on Women, Population, and Environment. Her previous publications includeThe Penguin Atlas of Women in the World (2003) andPutting Women in Place (co-author, 2001).


List of Contributors ixAcknowledgments xviii1 Introduction 1
Lise Nelson and Joni SeagerPart I Contexts 132 Situating Gender 15
Liz Bondi and Joyce Davidson3 Anti-racist Feminism in Geography: An Agenda for Social Action 32
Audrey Kobayashi4 A Bodily Notion of Research: Power, Difference, and Specificity in Feminist Methodology 41
Pamela Moss5 Transnational Mobilities and Challenges 60
Brenda S. A. YeohPart II Work 756 Feminist Analyses of Work: Rethinking the Boundaries, Gendering, and Spatiality of Work 77
Kim England and Victoria Lawson7 Shea Butter, Globalization, and Women of Burkina Faso 93
Marlène Elias and Judith Carney8 Working on the Global Assembly Line 109
Altha J. Cravey9 From Migrant to Immigrant: Domestic Workers Settle in Vancouver, Canada 123
Geraldine Pratt in collaboration with the Philippine Women Centre10 Borders, Embodiment, and Mobility: Feminist Migration Studies in Geography 138
Rachel Silvey11 The Changing Roles of Female Labor in Economic Expansion and Decline: The Case of the Istanbul Clothing Industry 150
Ayda Eraydýn and Asuman Turkun-Erendil12 Female Labor in Sex Trafficking: A Darker Side of Globalization 166
Vidyamali Samarasinghe13 Changing the Gender of Entrepreneurship 179
Susan Hanson and Megan Blake14 Gender and Empowerment: Creating Thus Far and No Further Supportive Structures. A Case from India 194
Saraswati RajuPart III City 20915 Feminist Geographies of the City: Multiple Voices, Multiple Meanings 211
Valerie Preston and Ebru Ustundag16 Spaces of Change: Gender, Information Technology, and New Geographies of Mobility and Fixity in the Early Twentieth-century Information Economy 228
Kate Boyer17 Gender and the City: The Different Formations of Belonging 242
Tovi Fenster18 Urban Space in Plural: Elastic, Tamed, Suppressed 257
Hille Koskela19 Daycare Services Provision for Working Women in Japan 271
Kamiya Hiroo20 Organizing from the Margins: Grappling with Empowerment in India and South Africa 291
Richa Nagar and Amanda Lock Swarr21 Moving beyond Gender and GIS to a Feminist Perspective on Information Technologies: The Impact
of Welfare Reform on Womens IT Needs 305
Melissa R. Gilbert and Michele Masucci22 Women Outdoors: Destabilizing the Public/Private Dichotomy 322
Phil HubbardPart IV Body 33523 Situating Bodies 337
Robyn Longhurst24 Bodies, State Discipline, and the Performance of Gender in a South African Womens Prison 350
Teresa Dirsuweit25 HIV/AIDS Interventions and the Politics of the African Womans Body 363
Kawango Agot26 British Pakistani Muslim Women: Marking the Body, Marking the Nation 379
Robina Mohammad27 Transversal Circuits: Transnational Sexualities and Trinidad 398
Jasbir Kaur PuarPart V Environment 41728 Listening to the Landscapes of Mama Tingo: From the Woman Question in Sustainable Development
to Feminist Political Ecology in ZambranaChacuey, Dominican Republic 419
Dianne Rocheleau29 Gender Relations beyond Farm Fences: Reframing the Spatial Context of Local Forest Livelihoods 434
Anoja Wickramasinghe30 The New Species of Capitalism: An Ecofeminist Comment on Animal Biotechnology 445
Jody Emel and Julie Urbanik31 Siren Songs: Gendered Discourses of Concern for Sea Creatures 458
Jennifer Wolch and Jin Zhang32 Geographic Information and Womens Empowerment: A Breast Cancer Example 486
Sara McLafferty33 Performing a Global Sense of Place: Womens Actions for Environmental Justice 496
Giovanna Di ChiroPart VI State/Nation 51734 Feminist Political Geographies 519
Eleonore Kofman35 Gender, Race, and Nationalism: American Identity and Economic Imperialism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century 534
Mona Domosh36 Virility and Violation in the US War on Terrorism 550
Matthew G. Hannah37 Feminist Geopolitics and September 11 565
Jennifer Hyndman38 Love for Sale: Marketing Gay Male P/Leisure Space in Contemporary Cape Town, South Africa 578
Glen S. Elder39 Womens Struggles for Sustainable Peace in Post-conflict Peru: A Feminist Analysis of Violence and Change 590
Maureen Hays-MitchellIndex 607

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